Do you want to be successful or you just want to be rich?
Sometimes it feels like we've forgotten which is which,
We've misplaced our values to what we've seen around us,
That we think being successful is the same as famous.

What we grew up learning has suddenly become odd,
The society has brought to us a new god,
And this one wasn't the creator of the whole world,
But a twister of truth who will push us to mud.

What we hold dear is the followers we keep,
The types of phones we've used and the times it beeped,
The cooler you are then the later you sleep,
Because most trending things came at night and creeped.

Girls bend their necks just to be popular,
Boys go to gym to make themselves muscular,
Anyone withiout these qualities is considered regular,
So people give up their values just to be secular.

We've dammed our hearts to what isn't right,
We got our values snatched, we didn't put up a fight,
What we now cherish most would cause our eventual plight,
It's almost too late for a change, we've lost our sight.

Chiemelie Solomon ikwuemesibe