Daily, there is a burning desire to be with her.
Even though the odds of meeting her again is futile,
Seems like the time went like a blur.
Every day, my head goes topsy turvy...it’s very hostile.

Should I count what I saw as just the lust for the golden treasure of a wedding bliss?
Is there more to the story than a broken glass smashed on the ground?
Never, will I ever get to see someone like that again! With a Kiss
I say goodbye to ever being able to be found.

Fine! Love is so overrated that it is more than likely I wanted to be validated by my efforts to fail!
Fail at the one thing I wanted, to be one with someone beautiful and Godly.
So I can justify myself as not worthy without even trying.
But why would I slap myself like this?
Miss, mistake, it is like I am a glutton for self-inflicted pain.
This stupidity of my own heart chasing a mirage yet I believe in my heart that someday I will see my love again.
Maybe just like Jacob waited for Rachel, I will wait for my love to find her so let's get to work.

Am I such a fool to be still hoping for a 6 for a 9?
Berserk, tossing to and fro...don’t you see this is nothing more than a distraction at best.
Yet my chest still holds your name in my heart like it permanently belongs there!
I want to get you out of my heart yet whenever I do it then my heart is infected.

Maybe deep inside I just have some foolish faith to be with you…
Reality should laugh at my sores because it is not based on evidence of anything perpetual.
Alas, my fate is to be alone in the darkness, beating my chest never capable of letting go.