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Agapetos means beloved in the greek it can be found in 1 John 4:11 and my page is about sharing the love of God in the word that is spoken. Agapetos focus on the love of God for humanity as address in the word of God to the saints to instruct them in the way of Love. This name was given to me in a period of soul searching and I needed to hear that I am loved and also let the world know that God loves them too...
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  • Why You Are Special
    You are created to birth destinies into existence,
    To nurture and provide comfort to those who your raise.
    Your guidance and strength, your love help us to become mature.
    Stand proud and rejoice, because you are a hero indeed. ...
  • Heartfelt
    Daily, there is a burning desire to be with her.
    Even though the odds of meeting her again is futile,
    Seems like the time went like a blur.
    Every day, my head goes topsy turvy...it’s very hostile. ...
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Sonnet Lii: What? Dost Thou Mean
 by Michael Drayton

What? Dost thou mean to cheat me of my heart?
To take all mine and give me none again?
Or have thine eyes such magic or that art
That what they get they ever do retain?
Play not the tyrant, but take some remorse;
Rebate thy spleen, if but for pity's sake;
Or, cruel, if thou canst not, let us 'scourse,
And, for one piece of thine, my whole heart take.

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