You are created to birth destinies into existence,
To nurture and provide comfort to those who your raise.
Your guidance and strength, your love help us to become mature.
Stand proud and rejoice, because you are a hero indeed.

Your constant faith in the prayer room showcases the lion in the wardrobe roaring in the wilderness.
We are humbled by your grace that is sufficient for us to thrive.
Your life will always reflect a sacrificial love that would even die for a criminal and say not my son or daughter.

Even when we get stubborn enough, from your discipline we may run!
Thank you for all the times you hugged and cared for us!
On the behalf of all children, we wish you the day off with a Happy Mothers’ Day.

With breakfast in bed! For a loving and caring soul that always work and toil without rest.
Always providing, doing your best without fail so enjoy yourself today, relax.
Today is for you, so let us serve you with the same kindness you have always done for us!