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  • 1.
    There is no hope for happily ever after,
    To share my life with someone else as a dream will stay beyond accomplishment.
    There is too much pain with my heart to trust for mediocre when there is better in heaven above!
    To hurdle with death do us part and go thru the hardships in between...
  • 2.
    You are created to birth destinies into existence,
    To nurture and provide comfort to those who your raise.
    Your guidance and strength, your love help us to become mature.
    Stand proud and rejoice, because you are a hero indeed.
  • 3.
    Daily, there is a burning desire to be with her.
    Even though the odds of meeting her again is futile,
    Seems like the time went like a blur.
    Every day, my head goes topsy’s very hostile.
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