Tu Ne Quaesieris Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


For all the lore of Lodge and MyersA
I cannot heal my torn desiresA
Nor hope for all that man can speerB
To make the riddling earth grow clearB
Though it were sure and proven wellC
That I shall prosper as they tellC
In fields beneath a different sunD
By shores where other oceans runD
When this live body that was IE
Lies hidden from the cheerful skyE
Yet what were endless lives to meF
If still my narrow self I beF
And hope and fail and struggle stillG
And break my will against God's willG
To play for stakes of pleasure and painH
And hope and fail and hope againI
Deluded thwarted striving elfJ
That through the window of my selfJ
As through a dark glass scarce can seeF
A warped and masked realityF
But when this searching thought of mineK
Is mingled in the large DivineK
And laughter that was in my mouthL
Runs through the breezes of the SouthL
When glory I have built in dreamsM
Along some fiery sunset gleamsM
And my dead sin and foolishnessN
Grow one with Nature's whole distressO
To perfect being I shall winP
And where I end will Life beginP

C. S. Lewis


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