The Super Hostess Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


It was as a little childA
And one who was very shyB
That I first looked at the skyB
Soon enough I started wondering and asking myselfC
How the birds I saw around and over meD
Were able to flyB
While we the human beings were notE
Actually whyB
I was told that for usF
It was impossible to flyB
Well nighB
However I dearly wanted to flyB
Fly highB
And touch the skyB
So as I grew up I decided to give it a fair tryB
And a day did comeG
When I sensed a deep sighB
of relief following the efforts made in the times gone byB
I qualified to flyB
And now I have the privilege to flyB
Over mountains and seasH
Over countries continents and cloudsI
Then as it happenedJ
Before I knewK
Almost on the slyB
A special person came overL
And offered a handM
To which I had no replyB
Today I have a family and a home on landM
I have another family in the air on boardN
I take care of both the families alikeO
There are children young travellers and elderly peopleP
All justifying or betraying their respective ages in their own waysQ
I meet and treat them with as hearty a smileR
As it getsS
And also look after themT
All this whileR
Today as the things standM
Though I do stretch myselfC
Given the multiple tasks at handM
My heart saysU
I must defyB
All oddsV
And continue to flyB
Until I touch the stars in the skyB
And heartsW
As we knowX
Do not ever lieB

C K Rawat


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bing lego: I too once wrote a poem about flying but my words were not so siutable as compared to the words you used sir brilliant !
Manali Bhatt: Very nicely written. I'm sure every air hostess will relate to this!

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