Blind Spot Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I walked out past the door and IA
Was yet to notice it had rain block eyeA
Slippery the ground I fall on to hers affair romance fairB
Love started from scratchC
Explorable ready to bleach a branchD
I was a trajectory onto her heart I traveledE
Before the rains could stop I realizedF
On her side was a reliable harbor blazedG
Feeling dizzy by her side soldH
My heart pledged never let go be boldH
I gave it an assurance on we goI
We climbed every mountain love tourJ
And went down the river bank through water clearK
I couldn't stop admiring what we had funnyL
While it was with us I wanted it all crazyL
Had served with kisses and days outM
A dream you sayN
Things weren't real blurred each dayN
Drawn on the board that the picture wasn't sureJ
I dreamt I woke up I cried I wasn't clearK
She was still a crush still couldn't touch herO

Brian Dredan
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/27/2019


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