Who is George Pope Morris

George Pope Morris (October 10, 1802 – July 6, 1864) was an American editor, poet, and songwriter.

Life and work

With Nathaniel Parker Willis, he co-founded the daily New York Evening Mirror by merging his fledgling weekly New-York Mirror with Willis's American Monthly in August 1831. Morris is credited with the longevity the Evening Mirror would enjoy and for giving it a wide scope, covering not only news and entertainment but reviews of the fine arts, editorials, and many original engravings. Morris also funded in advance Willis's trip to Europe, for which Willis wrote several letters to be published in the Mirror, which helped establish his fame. On January 29, 1845, the Evening Mirror published an "advance copy" of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven". It was the fi...
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George Pope Morris Poems

  • The Missing Ship
    She left the port in gallant style,
    With sails and streamers full and free!
    I watched her course for many a mile
    Far out upon the distant sea! ...
  • The Colonel
    The Colonel!--Such a creature!
    I met him at the ball!--
    So fair in form and feature,
    And so divinely tall! ...
  • My Bark Is Out Upon The Sea
    My bark is out upon the sea--
    The moon's above;
    Her light a presence seems to me
    Like woman's love. ...
  • The May-queen
    Like flights of singing-birds went by
    The cheerful hours of girlhood's day,
    When, in my native bowers,
    Of simple buds and flowers ...
  • Song Of The Troubadour
    In Imitation of the Lays of the Olden Time.

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