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Charles Sangster (July 16, 1822 – December 9, 1893) was a Canadian poet. He was the first poet to write poetry which was substantially about Canadian subjects. The Dictionary of Canadian Biography calls him "the best of the pre-confederation poets."

Contents Life Sangster was born at the Navy Yard on Point Frederick (now the site of Royal Military College of Canada), near Kingston, Ontario, the son of Ann Ross and James Sangster. A twin sister died in infancy. His father, a "joiner" or shipbuilder who worked for the British Navy around the Great Lakes, died at Penetanguishene ...
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Charles Sangster Poems

  • Sonnet: - Iii
    Oh, holy sabbath morn! thrice blessed day
    Of solemn rest, true peace, and earnest prayer.
    How many hearts that never knelt to pray
    Are glad to breathe thy soul-sustaining air. ...
  • Love And Truth
    Young Love sat in a rosy bower,
    Towards the close of a summer day;
    At the evening's dusky hour,
    Truth bent her blessed steps that way; ...
  • The Plains Of Abraham
    I stood upon the Plain,
    That had trembled when the slain,
    Hurled their proud, defiant curses at the battle-heated foe,
    When the steed dashed right and left, ...
  • Sonnet: - Xix
    How my heart yearns towards my friends at home!
    Poor suffering souls, whose lives are like the trees,
    Bent, crushed, and broken in the storm of life!
    A whirlwind of existence seems to roam ...
  • The Unattainable
    I yearn for the Unattainable;
    For a glimpse of a brighter day,
    When hatred and strife,
    With their legions rife, ...
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Soul 38 Sweet 36 Spirit 26 Thought 24 Human 23 True 22 Deep 19 Great 18 Long 18 Mind 17

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