Mother's Love Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


No love is comparable to a mother's loveA
Inspiration when life becomes toughB
Mother's love is unconditional and eternalC
Sacrificial lamb for the childD
Love that shines like the sunE
Brights more than the evening starF
Endless and selfless as it isG
Sweeter than honey precious than goldH
Even when l close my eyes l still see mother's loveA
Mother's love deep to the boneI
Warmth to the child in coldH
Oh mother if I've ever forgotten youJ
Let my right hand witherK
Cause your love for me is unconditionalC
Defense in times of troubleC
Protects from the wicked oneE
I'm not worried cause my mother's love is sufficient for meL
Mum's tears are always hiddenE
Gives hope whilst confused herselfM
Mother's love encourages me to push onN
A love deep to the boneI
Runs through the veins of a motherK
Mother's love remains foreverK

Borklo Solomon
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 07/13/2019


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