Lost Ln My Loneliness Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Loneliness oh LonelinessA
There is one word I want to sayB
But who to listen is my problemC
People say I have nothing important to sayB
Just give a listening ear to my sayB
Open your ears and listen to my plightD
I was ignored because am poorE
Being poor does it affect my cognitiveF
Oh no oh noG
My ideas may be useful to the richH
My bitter experiences can make an impactI
I want to speak I want to speakJ
They say I don't have anythingK
Oh poverty see what you have doneL
Intellectuals are rendered uselessA
Because of you poverty am uselessA
Am left alone not to talkM
What a disease you areN
You made man lost in his LonelinessA
The young also have an advice to giveF
Lack of money I stand to watchO
My people perishing for the love of moneyP
Titles are not vans of wisdomC
Loneliness you lost me in the darkQ
The poor also have something to shareR
Friends left me cause am poorE
He who loves be my companionL

Borklo Solomon
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 08/03/2019


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