I Want To Marry My Mother Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Different voices Differing VirtuesB
Different views Differing VicesC
I want to marry my motherD
Can I increase the volumeE
If for love I would shoot at marriageF
My mother would be the most expensive gunG
Her bullets have been tasted in the world wars yet to comeH
And none has been unsuccessfulI
And if for any marriage I would require to run a marathonJ
Then Kipchoge's mother would need to re produce meK
And in her tender arms I would grow to make historyK
I want to marry my motherD
If for child bearing I wanted watoto like meK
My mother would be the best candidateL
And if for undying love and care I thought of a lavish weddingM
My mother Mama wange omu bwatiL
Every one would ring the bell for herD
She deserves what I will never offer herD
And if any decorated jewel would be discoveredL
Then I would hunt it and you would be part of itL
Because you are my number one marriage partnerD
Millions judge me when it comes to marriageF
That I will die of self pity looking for a wife like motherD
They laugh that I will never succeedL
Because they know they know very wellN
That they can't be as priceless as a motherD
Neither try at that unconditional and heavenly loveO
For her undying care and patience isn't in their reachP
Companionship and childbearing is their undying songQ
Is my mother barren or short of companionismK
I want to marry my motherD
Don't shout of incestL
My mother is my first and forever deep cutL
And she wishes you well tooL
She checked that sperm donor daily to make sure you wouldn't complainR
That was for your own good even when u didn't existL
And when you shout Marry your motherD
I feel I can marry my mother today tomorrow next year and foreverD
If mother was uni sex just something like a she maleS
Who wouldnt marry his her motherD
May be an eversalvating sheikh targeting hakisC
Otherwise the sweetness of a mother supersedes ting tingM
I want to marry my motherD
Call me a mummie's boy or anythingM
What do you take a mother forT
She is a lifetime wife and husband to her kidsC
No expected divorce or even separationG
Not even at death or when not in her reachP
Because her gold like wishes for you will never die even when she diesC
She would be happy anywhere knowing you are happyK
She married you foreverD
Why dont you marry your mother foreverD

Bamukunda Hillary
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 02/19/2021

Poet's note: A mother's love is priceless and unconditional and with some men having to marry , society mocks them that they can't marry any lady like their mothers


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