Men praise themselves to love
Christians allude to their love of prayer
But not even human beings need for oxygen,
Equals my love for that orchestra

Our blending was miraculous,
But the timing was notable.
At the tunnel of depression,
I stood with smiles of solace,
I held a cup of silence filled with comforting noise,
I re-awakened the venom of princess charming.

Love was already lost
But hatred wasn't born
Loneliness hid away from my fangs
Depression could not find its way
Her heart wasn't lost but found a landing space
It would grow fonder and find love back

I held a torch to burn her past,
But my future started counting.
With flames of beauty aching me,
My soul got swallowed up.
I wasnt immune to her tender care,
As she healed from the sores,
I fell prey to her magic
Trapped, captured and imprisoned in her love,
I could nolonger blanket her
But worry her to walk the same way of the past
That feeder road that brought us together
I had to take her back ,
I had to right the past,
I had to provide the future
Of deliverance
As she denounced her past journey
To take up the new religion,
And rekindle the light of love
To feed on the new and laminated gospel.
As a way of salvation