New flowers are being produced,
either male or female buds.
Unfortunately, female buds get oppressed,
getting crushed, they fall into muds
Being a female, doesn't bloom cheerfully,
when one could bloom, gets plucked.
But it never cried loudly,
even it gets hurt or being forced.
It has ability to wait, also patience,
gives birth to both friend and foe.
Don't know the female's importance,
her one curse bring you to the woe.
You put her life into the hell,
either in womb or in the world.
She is the one, always doing well,
live for others, a kind of gold.
Yes! She is the flower, must leaves fragrance,
but doesn't smell itself.
She is a girl, full of patience,
doesn't live for herself.
Never disrespect her, she is the mother,
gives you happiness whenever she tweet.
She is the supreme creation, superior than other,
even the paradise lies under her feet.