Azanum Bhat Quotes

When someone brings you agony and you feel down, just raise your emotions of being healed up and go ahead with your imaginations and chase your dreams.

Don't be sad always, be happy with smallest things what bring you the pleasure and peace. Be satisfied with those small joys because that wouldn't left grimace on your face.

They don't show grimace on their faces who have deeply deserted inside but make others feel happy.

When somebody says you are unlucky, don't feel yourself the same because you are meant to be the great that is beyond yours as well as his mind.

Silence is most powerful weapon to build up within yourself so deeply.

When you feel your brain is drowning with distress, just lye down, take a deep breath and compete all.

I have the potential to retain my anger because I know "I am me" and I can overcome it.

Nobody cares for you. It's you who care, it's you who have power to change yourself because no one else can change him/her for you so you have to change yourself to improve yourself not others.

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