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  • The Ocean
    The ocean, when I saw
    Forget myself in its deepness.
    I sink in the depth,
    Reach the core. ...
  • The Flower
    The flower must left fragrance,
    Did it itself smell?
    It was full of patience,
    Put pluckers into hell. ...
  • Want To Be The....
    Want to be the candle,
    Brighting other. Not the moth,
    Surrenders itself.
    The candle crushes, ...
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Love 2 I Love You 2 Patience 2 Smell 2 Essence 1 Light 1 Relief 1 Extreme 1 Forget 1 Depth 1

Azanum Bhat Quotes

  • When someone brings you agony and you feel down, just raise your emotions of being healed up and go ahead with your imaginations and chase your dreams.
  • Don't be sad always, be happy with smallest things what bring you the pleasure and peace. Be satisfied with those small joys because that wouldn't left grimace on your face.
  • They don't show grimace on their faces who have deeply deserted inside but make others feel happy.
  • When somebody says you are unlucky, don't feel yourself the same because you are meant to be the great that is beyond yours as well as his mind.
  • Silence is most powerful weapon to build up within yourself so deeply.
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