Once upon a time in my life
I was believing everyone I met
But maximum broken my trust.
Allah gave me so many chances
I did the same mistake
Even I believe them so many times.
But they don't know it,
How much times one can crumble the paper?
One, two, ...., upto seven times.
They cheated me even through illegal means
Decieved me by making me themselves
Ruined me in order to hurt me.
Even they tried to make me puppet
Want to fall me in my own eyes
But! I, myself means pious, have to be pious.
Time reached, they want to crumble it again
That couldn't be possible now anymore
So, don't waste time of both yourself, not mine.
I have more important things to do
Don't want to see you all again, because
Your hypocritic faces had already been read.