Azanum Bhat Poems

  • 1.
    ایک سال بیت گیا آج
    اسے دیکھا تھا جب
    نہیں کہوں گی آخری بار دیکھا تھا
    اسے دیکھنا ابھی اور بھی ہیں۔
  • 2.
    Once upon a time
    The life was full of regime.

    Everyone I met with
  • 3.
    I wish to be the dandelion
    Doesn't choosing by anyone,
    Rarely plucked,
    To make options for people's choices
  • 4.
    The girl who is behind me
    Looking dull and so ugly.

    Being her, I feel grudges within
  • 5.
    The ocean, when I saw
    Forget myself in its deepness.
    I sink in the depth,
    Reach the core.
  • 6.
    The flower must left fragrance,
    Did it itself smell?
    It was full of patience,
    Put pluckers into hell.
  • 7.
    Want to be the candle,
    Brighting other. Not the moth,
    Surrenders itself.
    The candle crushes,
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