Lost , dejected,
Lonely , I feel,
I have scars waiting ,
To heal.

Empty , dumb.
I've become , comfortably numb.

I had friends,
Now I have none.
I'm like a tree , uprooted
Broken my the storm .

Tears I cry,
But soon they dry.
The mark of my tears,
Change the look of my cheeks,
The world around me continues to be bleak.

" Maybe I'm different " ,
I tell myself.
I Hide my greif ,
For their relief.

So little I need,
So little I respond,
I may look fine ,
But inside I bleed.

It's so funny to see,
Them giving up on me.
I've forgotten to smile.
Maybe I need rest ,
For a while.

I don't dream anymore.
I'm just waiting to die.
The wind around me , seems
Cooler than before.

It'd be so easy to get a gun,
And pull the trigger,
I'd die peacefully,
No one would even figure.

I'm scared of death ,
I must admit.
But things might get better,
Only if I quit.

I felt my heart pound,
Didn't really hear any sound,
As I looked around,
I saw darkness surround.

Memories flashed back in my mind,
As happily I left my life behind.

I don't know what happened then,
The cycle of sorrow began all over again.v