I have lived in this days
Wondering if you're coming
For you slept last night surry
Your two hands crossed X
Your bed nicely arranged
Roses thorns underneath

Pains that are not worded
You slept like a child while
We the living here are torn
By the grievance of your
Sudden sleep away from
Our hands here and we cry

At the sound of the thundering
Rain that took hold of the day
It was on the widow's roof it fell
The hopes of a befitting burial
Lost at the middle of the day
She gaze at the red mods hill
She came looking for you
Even with a rose flowers

The last coin left in her hands
It was this coin that she had
Laboured to preserve for years
Shining it morning afternoon
And evening alike as she cries
See her grief from where she lies
On this building that is built
Up downward to the abyss
She lays here looking for you