There is an umbrella from the old town
It shades the broken lads from the rain
And mends the widow's last hope
But the rain resounds not in its roof

Benevolent umbrella it is
Shading the head of the orphans
Away from the scourging sun of life
Altruistic umbrella of the father

The Umbrella of the ecclesiastical
The calling of a servant priest
In the house of one's God
Humbly he bow and been ordained

As a priest of the most High
Episcopal is the vision in view
The Eucharistic of the holy bread
He stands given to the congregation
And the people out there daily
The holy food that came from heaven

I am pleased to be part of those
Who received theirs from this
Umbrella that softens the broken hearts
And rewrite the story of a common men
Into great stories of upliftment to the soul