Far away from this home
I have wandered in search of you
Peace within our neighborhood
There amidst this turmoil of our lives
We have fought together for a course
Bring your heart for we are one of a kind
Live and let's live

The plain is wide
The earth is one
Seed for the sower
Bread for the eater
Take your part with you
All lives matters
You must speak now
For it's our only hope
Let's live and let others live

The universal language
Spoken without mouth
Acted upon and not otherwise
Bruits must be done away with
Children of the earth birth
Fathered from above
Let's live and let them live

The eyes of the night owls
The eagles at the mountain top
The herds at the shepherd court
The men of conquest divide us not
Love in diversity
And peace at the end of this turmoil
Live and let's live