Permit me into the vicarage tonight
For there is no pedestals to lay hold on
Tonight is the night the children envisioned
Been waiting for their blooms to arrive

Cause no noxious for these fellows
Virulent is the government they lives in
Engendering death upon its governance
Education and social welfare of its own

Inept scholars and without shames
Anomaly folks luring and hurling many
Into a hellish dungeon of flammables
Give them the unsavoury government

The states they build not and lives in
Artificial environment and never rests
Leaving the future leaders daily in doldrums
Their swift legs to annihilate, we're prey

Better off parrying than confrontational
Daily consternation among the masses
Tribalistic rabble rousers deceptory
Rabble rousers who renders his/her
Fatherland pacifism and laughed at it