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  • The Umbrella
    There is an umbrella from the old town
    It shades the broken lads from the rain
    And mends the widow's last hope
    But the rain resounds not in its roof ...
  • The Lad's Cries
    I run every nooks and crannies
    Looking for you that wasn't found in me
    Because I knew that you weren't here
    But at the discovery of you I cooled off ...
  • The States Of African Leaders
    Permit me into the vicarage tonight
    For there is no pedestals to lay hold on
    Tonight is the night the children envisioned
    Been waiting for their blooms to arrive ...
  • I Came Looking For You
    I have lived in this days
    Wondering if you're coming
    For you slept last night surry
    Your two hands crossed X ...
  • I Am Scared
    The love that we never expressed
    The fears that we never conquered
    I am scared of the unknown trolls
    Advances that we may be limited to ...
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