Anne Killigrew Noble Poems

  • 1.
    Drown'd under London-bridge, in the Queens Bardge, Anno 1641

    The Darling of a Father Good and Wise,
  • 2.
    Whose Lord was Travelling.

    No sooner I pronounced Celindas name,
  • 3.
    WHen first Alexis did in Verse delight,
    His Muse in Low, but Graceful Numbers walk't,
    And now and then a little Proudly stalk't;
    But never aim'd at any noble Flight:
  • 4.
    Afflicted upon her Son, My Lord Berkeley's Early Engaging in the Sea-Service.

    So the renowned Ithacensian Queen
    In Tears for her Telemachus was seen,
  • 5.
    In Answer to his Complemental Verses sent me under the Name of CLEANOR.

    Long my dull Muse in heavy slumbers lay,
    Indulging Sloth, and to soft Ease gave way,
  • 6.
    Return my dearest Lord, at length return,
    Let me no longer your sad absence mourn,
    Ilium in Dust, does no more Work afford,
    No more Employment for your Wit or Sword.
  • 7.
    Tell me thou safest End of all our Woe,
    Why wreched Mortals do avoid thee so:
    Thou gentle drier o'th' afflicteds Tears,
    Thou noble ender of the Cowards Fears;
  • 8.
    Dorinda. Sabæan Perfumes fragrant Roses bring,
    With all the Flowers that Paint the gaudy Spring:
    Scatter them all in young Alexis's way,
    With all that's sweet and (like himself) that's Gay.
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