Anne Killigrew Never Poems

  • 1.
    Under the Discipline of an Excellent Person.
    How comes the Day orecast? the Flaming Sun
    Darkn'd at Noon, as if his Course were run?
  • 2.
    Drown'd under London-bridge, in the Queens Bardge, Anno 1641

    The Darling of a Father Good and Wise,
  • 3.
    WHen first Alexis did in Verse delight,
    His Muse in Low, but Graceful Numbers walk't,
    And now and then a little Proudly stalk't;
    But never aim'd at any noble Flight:
  • 4.

    1 Here take no Care, take here no Care, my Muse,
  • 5.
    Seest thou younder craggy Rock,
    Whose Head o'er-looks the swelling Main,
    Where never Shepherd fed his Flock,
    Or careful Peasant sow'd his Grain.
  • 6.
    Tell me thou safest End of all our Woe,
    Why wreched Mortals do avoid thee so:
    Thou gentle drier o'th' afflicteds Tears,
    Thou noble ender of the Cowards Fears;
  • 7.
    Dorinda. Sabæan Perfumes fragrant Roses bring,
    With all the Flowers that Paint the gaudy Spring:
    Scatter them all in young Alexis's way,
    With all that's sweet and (like himself) that's Gay.
  • 8.
    1 In that so temperate Soil Arcadia nam'd,
    1 For fertile Pasturage by Poets fam'd;
    2 Stands a steep Hill, whose lofty jetting Crown,
    3 Casts o'er the neighbouring Plains, a seeming Frown;
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