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Anne Killigrew Books, Anne Killigrew poetry book Daring Pirate Women Authors: Anne Wallace Sharp
Publisher: Twenty-First Century Books
Published Date: 2002
Categories: Juvenile Nonfiction
Profiles pirates throughout history, especially women pirates of Europe, America, and Asia, such as Princess Alvilda, Ingean Ruadh, Grany Imallye, Elizabeth Killegrew, Anne Bonny, and Lai Cho San.

Anne Killigrew Books, Anne Killigrew poetry book The Daring Muse Authors: Margaret Anne Doody
Publisher: CUP Archive
Published Date: 1985-07-04
Categories: Literary Criticism
The Daring Muse is a challenging account of the richness and complexity of Augustan poetry. It takes in a broad range of writers from the Restoration to the Regency, from Rochester and Dryden to Cowper and Crabbe, and shows the essential connections between them. Augustan poetry has too often been thought of as uniform, staidly classical, even dull. Margaret Doody explodes this myth once and for all. She shows it to be poetry of great energy and diversity: of extravagant conceits, subversive parody, incessant stylistic and formal experimentation; a self-consciously innovative poetry that sought to express and extend the perpetual, restless activity of the human mind. Both the principles and techniques of the verse are related to similar elements in the novels of the period; the book's numerous illustrations help to show how the poems were presented and interpreted in their own time.

Anne Killigrew Books, Anne Killigrew poetry book Anne Killigrew Authors: Anne Killigrew, Robert C. Evans
Publisher: Routledge
Published Date: 2003
Categories: Literary Criticism
During Anne Killigrew's lifetime (1660-1685) most of her known living relatives were connected to the court, yet very little is known about Anne herself. The twenty-five complete poems and five fragments that were collected and published by her father soon after her death probably represent only a portion of her output. They are reproduced here from the copy held in the Folger Shakespeare Library. These works suggest a poet quite conversant with the period's propensity to comment and compliment in verse. They suggest a sometimes conventional, sometimes merely competent, but often quite promising writer. Moreover, unlike many of her contemporaries, Killigrew never uses Latin, or French, or Italian in her verse. From the evidence of the poems here there is good reason to think that Killigrew would have been a fine eighteenth-century poet.

Anne Killigrew Books, Anne Killigrew poetry book Encyclopedia of Women in the Renaissance Authors: Diana Maury Robin, Anne R. Larsen, Carole Levin
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
Published Date: 2007
Categories: History
Presents biographical and topical information on the contributions made by women during the Renaissance in such fields as medicine, religion, and art.

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