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Anne Killigrew (1660–1685) was an English poet and painter, described by contemporaries as "A Grace for beauty, and a Muse for wit." Born in London, she and her family were active in literary and court circles. Killigrew's poems were circulated in manuscript and collected and published posthumously in 1686 after she died from smallpox at age 25. They have been reprinted several times by modern scholars, most recently and thoroughly by Margaret J. M. Ezell.Killigrew was eulogized by John Dryden in his poem To The Pious Memory of the Accomplish'd Young Lady Mrs. Anne Killigrew (1686). Dryden praised her accomplishments in both Poësie, and Painting, and compared her poetic abilities to the famous Greek woman poet of antiquity, Sappho. Dryden's poem has received extensive critical analysi...
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Anne Killigrew Poems

  • On The Soft And Gentle Motions Of Eudora
    Divine Thalia strike th' Harmonious Lute,
    But with a Stroke so Gentle as may sute
    The silent gliding of the Howers,
    Or yet the calmer growth of Flowers; ...
  • Upon A Little Lady
    Under the Discipline of an Excellent Person.
    How comes the Day orecast? the Flaming Sun
    Darkn'd at Noon, as if his Course were run? ...
  • First Epigram: Upon Being Contented With A Little
    1 We deem them moderate, but Enough implore,
    2 What barely will suffice, and ask no more:
    3 Who say, (O Jove) a competency give,
    4 Neither in Luxury, or Want we'd live. ...
  • On My Aunt Mrs. A. K.
    Drown'd under London-bridge, in the Queens Bardge, Anno 1641

    The Darling of a Father Good and Wise, ...
  • The Second Epigram
    Wanton Bellinda loudly does complain,
    I've chang'd my Love of late into disdain:
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Onthisdayshe: anne killigrew was a short-lived restoration poet and painter, whose writing was praised by dryden. among her subjects was the death by drowning of her aunt, the courtier anne killigrew kirk, who died on this day in 1641.
Prontobard: prove love to be, as the world's soul, the soul of poetry. anne killigrew 1660-1685
Yianniseinstein: anne killigrew (1660– 16 june 1685 aged 24–25) was an english poet.anne killigrew engraving.(1634–1690) was a dutch designer and engraver
Yianniseinstein: anne killigrew (1660– 16 june 1685 aged 24–25) was an english poet painter designer and engraver,,anne killigrew (1660– 16 june 1685 aged 24–25) was an english poet painter designer and engraver,,,anthonis van dyck portrait of two ladies (hermitage museum)
Feinsteinken: this was henry neville’s family church in london via the killigrews who lived in lothbury. (henry killigrew, father of neville’s wife anne, and his brother william killigrew, grandfather of playwright thomas killigrew.)
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