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FeinsteinKen: I think Shakespeare disability studies needs to focus on the fact that Henry Neville had disabilities in his leg(s) — which is specifically referenced in the Sonnets. His wife Anne Killigrew Neville was deaf.

FeinsteinKen: Here is Anne Killigrew Neville writing to her first cousin Robert Cecil about being deaf.

MistyMissChrsty: Autoportrait Day 88~ Anne Killigrew A random survey of self-portraits created by women through the centuries English poet and painter Anne Killigrew (1660-1685) 1. Portrait of a Lady, probably the artist, c.1685 / Oil on canvas / Private collection

MistyMissChrsty: 2. Self-Portrait, ND / Oil on canvas / The Berkeley Will Trust, Berkeley Castle, UK

nekomessiah144: But unlike satire, it comes to a final, tragic resolution. Dryden’s other great poems—Annus Mirabilis (1667), Religio Laici (1682), The Hind and the Panther (1687), Anne Killigrew (1686), Alexander’s Feast (1697), and “To My Honour’d Kinsman” (1700)—

GatheringFlavor: "As equal were their souls, so equal was their fate."—John Dryden, "Ode to Mrs. Anne Killigrew" Dread Charge Art by Ted Naifeh

FeinsteinKen: Anne Killigrew Neville, the wife of Henry Neville, used Latin in her correspondence. Shakespeare studies is deeply impoverished because it ignores the author's wife. This is a true tragedy. Imagine the possibilities offered by the truth.

intermittentcat: Ok on the same topic, do all the s&m dykes know about Anne Killigrew?

goawayblackfly: Anne Killigrew (1660–1685). Venus Attired by the Three Graces

FeinsteinKen: As I've said, it's very likely that Anne Killigrew Neville was Shakespeare's first "lady editor".

hard_goer: from Anne Killigrew’s “Upon a Little Lady Under the Discipline of an Excellent Person"

FeinsteinKen: There's a good possibility that Anne Killigrew Neville was Shakespeare's earliest editor.

NemOdysseus: Thus Childish fear did Israel of old From Plenty and the Promis'd Land with-hold; They fancy'd Giants, and refus'd to go, When Canaan did with Milk and Honey flow. (Anne Killigrew, On Death)

isiphentys: Connaissez vous quelques une des plus grandes femmes pirates ?Mary Read,Anne Bonny,Grace O Malley,Lady Mary Killigrew?elles sont passionnantes...❤️/Do you know some of the greatest female pirates?Mary Read,Anne Bonny,Grace O Malley,Lady Mary Killigrew?they are fascinating...❤️

randomflavormtg: "As equal were their souls, so equal was their fate."-John Dryden, "Ode to Mrs. Anne Killigrew"

Webwight: Woman of the day: Anne Killigrew (1660–1685), English poet and painter, “A Grace for beauty, and a Muse for wit”; much respected in her own time. John Dryden wrote a long poem praising her and her verse.

pietersender: Anne Killigrew was a 17thC painter & poet. Male claims that a woman couldn’t write at her calibre led to ‘Upon The Saying That My Verses Were Made by Another’, a poem which ends with the line “I willingly accept Cassandras Fate / To speak the Truth, although believ'd too late”

pietersender: Anne died from smallpox at the young age of 25. After her death John Dryden wrote ‘To The Pious Memory of the Accomplish'd Young Lady Mrs. Anne Killigrew’. This eulogy, ironically but inevitably, did more for Dryden’s fame than Killigrew’s.

Fem_Scribblers: Anne Killigrew was celebrated as 'Excellent in the two Sister-Arts of Poësie, and Painting' in the ode by John Dryden that accompanied the first publication of her poems in 1685

yianniseinstein: Anne Killigrew (1660– 16 June 1685 aged 24–25) was an English poet.Anne Killigrew Engraving.29.6.(1634–1690) was a Dutch designer and engraver

FeinsteinKen: Why do I constantly post these letters by Anne Killigrew Neville, Henry Neville's wife? Because the works of Shakespeare feature highly literate women. That reflects the life experience of the author himself.

FeinsteinKen: Lower actually signed this letter as Neville's "kinsman". The relationship was through Anne Killigrew Neville's family. I like facts.

FeinsteinKen: Here is a letter from Anne Killigrew to Thomas Windebank. Someone named Elizabeth Windebank owned a First Folio. Was she the Elizabeth Parkhurst married to Thomas' great grandson?

FeinsteinKen: Here is the beginning of a letter Anne Killigrew Neville wrote to Robert Cecil while her husband was in prison. I've highlighted the Latin. Shakespeare-wrote-Shakespeare erases her.

FeinsteinKen: Thomas Hoby's wife Elizabeth Cooke (Lady Russell) was the aunt of Henry Neville's wife Anne Killigrew Neville. Henry Neville's mother and grandmother were godmothers to her daughter Elizabeth. This is from Hoby's diary.

FeinsteinKen: George Carleton married Henry Neville's widow Anne Killigrew Neville. Thomas Vicars was therefore her (step) son-in-law. He dedicated a book to her.

FeinsteinKen: This book was dedicated to Henry Neville by his close friend George Carleton. Printed in 1603 by Joseph Barnes at Oxford. Later, Carleton married Henry Neville's widow Anne Killigrew Neville.

MsZagvazdina: To the Queen ❤️ by Anne Killigrew -

lauravarnam: My students' projects included work on: Chaucer, Eliza Haywood, Thomas Wyatt, the Earl of Rochester, Margaret Cavendish and Anne Killigrew.

FeinsteinKen: I always look for things that would invalidate Neville's candidacy for authorship of the works of Shakespeare. His wife's name was Anne. Check the characters named Anne. Favorite daughter? Frances. Brilliantly well-educated mother-in-law? Katherine Killigrew.

LoveCarousel: Remember when you love, from that same hour Your peace you put into your lover’s power; - Anne Killigrew

ShieldsAndrew: 21 January 2021: Anne Killigrew, "Pastoral Dialogue"

FeinsteinKen: In addition, Camden corresponded with George Carleton, Henry Neville's close friend and his widow's second husband. He wrote an epitaph for Katherine Killigrew, the mother of Henry Neville's wife Anne.

restalrig: At the funeral of Anne of Denmark in 1619, Lady Killigrew walked in procession with the ladies of the queen's privy chamber.

FeinsteinKen: George Carleton was not tangentially connected to Henry Neville. He was one of Neville's closest friends. Neville appointed Carleton to be vicar at Mayfield in 1587. Carleton married Neville's widow Anne Killigrew. Carleton's book was printed by Jaggard in **1624**.

FeinsteinKen: When I say Shakespeare-wrote-Shakespeare erases women, I am simply stating facts. It erases Anne Killigrew Neville. It also erases Henry Neville's daughters.

FeinsteinKen: Imagine if Thomas Killigrew were the son of Anne Hathaway's first cousin. And that cousin was the executor of Shakespeare's will. What would people say about Killigrew's connections to Shakespeare's works?

LoveCarousel: Pastoral Dialogue by Anne Killigrew

treehcapital: “I willingly accept Cassandra's fate To speak the truth, although believed too late.” ― Anne Killigrew

poemtoday: Mrs Anne Killigrew and James Wright....

poemtoday: An Epitaph on her Self When I am Dead, few Friends attend my Hearse, And for a Monument, I leave my VERSE. Mrs Anne Killigrew 1660-1685

LoveCarousel: Pastoral Dialogue by Anne Killigrew

FeinsteinKen: Please understand. This is obviously a love poem from Henry Neville about his wife Anne Killigrew Neville -- who kept having children into her 40s.

GBeliboo: Venus Attired by the Graces, Anne Killigrew

FeinsteinKen: Anne Killigrew Neville’s letter to Thomas Windebank shortly after her husband’s arrest. She uses a Latin phrase like it’s nothing. This was the level of education of the wife of the author of the works of Shakespeare. The role of women in the works of Shakespeare has been erased

FeinsteinKen: In other words, her grandfather Robert Killigrew was first cousins with Anne Killigrew Neville.

FeinsteinKen: This is super fun. This Anne Killigrew is the niece of Thomas Killigrew — playwright and First Folio owner. Thomas was the son of Robert Killigrew, one of the executors of Henry Neville’s will and grandson of William Killigrew.

FeinsteinKen: She would have been second or third cousin of Anne Killigrew Neville, wife of Henry Neville, who wrote these letters. Her great grandfather was Anne Neville’s uncle. Something like that.

FeinsteinKen: George Carleton, one of Henry Neville’s best friends, succeeded Harsnett as Bishop of Chichester. Carleton married Neville’s widow Anne Killigrew after Neville’s death.

yianniseinstein: Anne Killigrew (British poet and painter) 1666 - 1685

yianniseinstein: Anne Killigrew (1660– 16 June 1685 aged 24–25) was an English poet.Venus Attired by the Three Graces

anamontparnasse: 20/06 ANNE KILLIGREW

Bibliocuriosa: Venus Attired by the Three Graces Art by English poet and painter Anne Killigrew (1660–1685)

FeinsteinKen: These letters from Lady Russell are too much. Remember she wasn’t just the aunt of Francis Bacon and Robert Cecil. She was the aunt of Henry Neville’s wife Anne Killigrew too.

FeinsteinKen: People will write about the 150 year history of misogynistic attacks on Delia Bacon — even though she was right. They will write about Anne Killigrew Neville and her role in the works of Shakespeare. So much to discover.

FeinsteinKen: Is this Somnet about Henry Neville’s wife Anne Killigrew Neville? Probably. Apparently he said this about her. Compare.

FeinsteinKen: Was Anne Killigrew Neville a highly educated and literate woman who deserves much study? Yes. Was she involved in the composition of the works of Shakespeare? Probably. Here are some of her letters.

arthistorynews: My own modest contribution to the field is here, in case you're interested. The first exhibition catalogue on Joan Carlile and Anne Killigrew, with checklists of their work.

JenniferHiggie: One of only four remaining paintings by the English artist and poet, Anne Killigrew (1660-85) : a self-portrait berkeleycastle. (Apparently, she painted around 15 works, but – as with so many paintings by women…

FeinsteinKen: Everyone also needs to remember that the Shakespeare-wrote-Shakespeare mythology completely excludes women. Anne Killigrew Neville likely played a substantial role in the works of Shakespeare.

PP_Rubens: 2/2 Friends: Anne Killigrew and Anne Villiers, painted by Van Dyck in 1638. He was the great painter of baroque friendships! And today was his birthday.

FeinsteinKen: Anne Neville Killigrew. The works of Shakespeare don’t exist without her.

FeinsteinKen: His father, Robert Killigrew, was one of the executors of Henry Neville’s will. Robert was first cousins with Neville’s wife Anne Killigrew.

FeinsteinKen: Please note, Anne Killigrew Neville was capable of signing her own name. Same way every time. Go figure.

FeinsteinKen: This letter is from Dorothy Seymour to Henry Neville. Unfortunately I have seen her mischaracterized in print as his sister. She was his sister-in-law, the daughter of Henry Killigrew and sister of Anne Killigrew Neville, wife of Henry Neville.

FeinsteinKen: At the same time Henry Neville was writing these letters to Robert Cecil, his wife Anne Killigrew Neville was writing as well. Cecil was her first cousin. We will reclaim her story and her role in the works of Shakespeare.

LSLuciaBlanco: Anne Killigrew

2017_0016: 2017.0016.02344 KILLIGREW, Anne

FeinsteinKen: Correction: William Killigrew was Anne Neville's uncle. He was her father's brother.

LSLuciaBlanco: Anne Killigrew

Apollo_magazine: 'Her pencil drew, what’er her Soul design’d' – John Dryden on the painter Anne Killigrew

BBCFrontRow: Discover Joan Carlile, Mary Beale and Anne Killigrew - Britain's first professional female painters.

TheMedievalDrK: Exhibit review here!

egaffney4: Read the guest post at

FeinsteinKen: The book was owned by William Killigrew, uncle of Henry Neville's wife Anne. Neville when he visited London often stayed with the Killigrews in Lothbury. Here is the article on the provenance of the book.

FeinsteinKen: Henry Neville's wife Anne was William Killigrew's niece. When Neville visited London he often stayed at Lothbury where his father-in-law Henry Killigrew lived alongside William Killigrew. So Henry Neville definitely could have read this copy.

FeinsteinKen: Truly an extraordinary document. Essentially: Robert Cecil to his uncle Henry Killigrew. Please be nice to your daughter (my cousin) Anne Neville. Part of the story of the works of Shakespeare.

FeinsteinKen: And no. This letter does not "prove" that Henry Neville wrote the works of Shakespeare. But to understand how he wrote the works of Shakespeare, we need to understand someone who was likely closely involved: Anne Killigrew Neville.

FeinsteinKen: I’m surprised how feminist scholars actively defend the women-free Shakespeare-wrote-Shakespeare narrative. As people start studying Anne Killigrew Neville and her mother Katherine Cooke Killigrew, a light will go on. Not to mention Mary Sidney. I can’t wait.

FeinsteinKen: I currently know of five extant letters written by Anne Killigrew Neville. There are three to Robert Cecil and two to Thomas Windebank. Here are the Robert Cecil letters.

FeinsteinKen: Here are the two Anne Killigrew Neville letters to Thomas Windebank. All five letters relate to Henry Neville’s imprisonment. She must have written hundreds of letters in her life but these are the ones I know about.

FeinsteinKen: Anne Killigrew Neville mentions being hard of hearing often in her letters. I think that is an important story we need to learn more about. Obviously there are limits to what we can find out. But It’s part of the story of the works of Shakespeare.

FeinsteinKen: I’m very proud to share these two letters from Anne Killigrew Neville, the wife of Henry Neville, to Thomas Windebank. Also attached are the Calendar summaries. This is the history of women and Shakespeare’s works that is being ignored. Not for much longer.

FeinsteinKen: You think I’m joking — I’m not joking. Anne Killigrew Neville obviously played a large role in the works of Shakespeare. The macho Shakespeare-wrote-Shakespeare myth of the great man alone in London writing brilliant plays and poetry is simply false.

FeinsteinKen: Seriously does anyone have a copy of this letter from Anne Neville Killigrew to Thomas Windebank???

FeinsteinKen: If you think I'm going to let Anne Killigrew Neville's (likely) substantial role in the works of Shakespeare be buried... You're mistaken. The macho Shakespeare-wrote-Shakespeare delusion hides the role women played in the works. Mary Sidney as well.

JoannaBac1: "I willingly accept Cassandra's fate To speak the truth, although believed too late.” (Anne Killigrew)

arthistorynews: The title comes from John Dryden's poem on Anne Killigrew (who died of smallpox at 25); "Thus nothing to her genius was deny'd, But like a ball of fire the further thrown, Still with a greater blaze she shone, And her bright soul broke out on ev'ry side."

FeinsteinKen: Here are three letters from Anne Neville the wife of Henry Neville. She was the daughter of Katherine Cooke Killigrew, one of the famed cook sisters, and cousin to Robert Cecil. Reproduced with permission of the Marquess of Salisbury, Hatfield House. 1/3

FeinsteinKen: The Shakespeare-wrote-Shakespeare narrative of the macho man alone in London erases the women who were actually deeply involved in the production of the works of Shakespeare: Mary Sidney Herbert and Anne Killigrew Neville.

FeinsteinKen: As I'm sure you're aware, Anne Killigrew Neville was the daughter of Katherine Cooke Killigrew, of the famed Cooke sisters. Robert Cecil was her first cousin, son of another Cooke sister. Here is a letter she wrote to him in 1602.

FeinsteinKen: The historical fact is that Henry Neville put pen to paper and wrote the works of Shakespeare. His highly educated wife Anne Killigrew Neville was likely deeply involved. So was his close family friend Mary Sidney Herbert.

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