Anne Killigrew Alone Poems

  • 1.
    Divine Thalia strike th' Harmonious Lute,
    But with a Stroke so Gentle as may sute
    The silent gliding of the Howers,
    Or yet the calmer growth of Flowers;
  • 2.
    Under the Discipline of an Excellent Person.
    How comes the Day orecast? the Flaming Sun
    Darkn'd at Noon, as if his Course were run?
  • 3.
    On GALLA.

    Now liquid Streams by the fierce Cold do grow
    As solid as the Rocks from whence they flow;
  • 4.
    In Answer to his Complemental Verses sent me under the Name of CLEANOR.

    Long my dull Muse in heavy slumbers lay,
    Indulging Sloth, and to soft Ease gave way,
  • 5.
    Arise my Dove, from mid'st of Pots arise,
    Thy sully'd Habitation leave,
    To Dust no longer cleave,
  • 6.
    Under the Name of ALINDA.
    A SONG.

  • 7.
    As those who pass the Alps do say,
    The Rocks which first oppose their way,
    And so amazing-High do show,
    By fresh Ascents appear but low,
  • 8.
    1 In that so temperate Soil Arcadia nam'd,
    1 For fertile Pasturage by Poets fam'd;
    2 Stands a steep Hill, whose lofty jetting Crown,
    3 Casts o'er the neighbouring Plains, a seeming Frown;
Total 8 Alone Poems by Anne Killigrew

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