As any plant springs from well planted seed,
Thoughts in mind makes us what we are.
In our power, intelligence and love we're the lord,
In purity of mind joy follows as our shadow for sure,
In weakness and degradation we're masters in misgoverning what we hold.

A gardener cultivates his plot, freeing his flowers and fruits,
In thoughts our true character clearly manifests.
We don't come to the almshouse by tyranny of fate,
We exclusively attract what we are, not what we want.
The outer world of circumstance shapes itself in the inner one of thought.

Once we conquer doubt and fear, we conquer failure,
Thoughts allied fearfully to purpose becomes a creative force.
Perfect knowledge perceives the genuine internal power,
Slavery and slavish animal indulgence is the spring from ignorance,
But progress and achievement is unrealistic without sacrifice.