The radiant piece that listens to any heart,
The genuine maker of desirable art.
Creates a visual emotional connection,
And swiftly delivers a direct dilection.

Vividly it describes different deviations,
But inclusively addresses all perceptions.
In simple and short words it captures,
Feelings, emotions, reasons, life, history, just a few mentions.

Brings a touchable moment with the past,
And tangible future moment that can be felt.
Accurately links the past, future and present,
With it's dramatic cause you can perfectly resonate.

Gives voice to the voiceless,
In writing it's easier to express,
It's a rational means to display the insides,
And a clear portrait of unsaid words.

We don't make it, but it makes us,
Our lives, nature, arts and science-
Poetry creates a perceptual image that relates,
All we have to do is read and critically listen to it's source.