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  • Become
    Find motivation in everything
    perception creates reason
    say a prayer every morning
    or at least make a confession ...
  • Beyond The Frozen Eyes
    It'd be day time or perhaps at night,
    Without a sound from a knock.
    When the eyes lose light,
    At the exact unknown o'clock. ...
  • One Again
    When it started, every star glittered uniquely in
    sparkles of joy.
    Mornings were covered by pillows of pleasure
    Nights of dissension controlled by conversations ...
  • Driveway
    Far from home, we ponder ourselves
    and before we ask for help
    no one's within reach.
    Every morning serves us equally ...
  • The Other Side In Time
    From the exterior calmness and a glorious view
    You'd feel the breeze of brighter smiles
    The sensational winds and sun rays,--
    Blessed seasons,to mention a few ...
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Lay His Sword By His Side
 by Thomas Moore

Lay his sword by his side -- it hath served him too well
Not to rest near his pillow below;
To the last moment true, from his hand ere it fell,
Its point was still turn'd to a flying foe.
Fellow-labourers in life, let them slumber in death,
Side by side, as becomes the reposing brave --
That sword which he loved still unbroke in its sheath,
And himself unsubdued in his grave.

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