It riles listening to who's better than the other talks,
Everyone's supports their arguments and theories,
Some even quote verses from scriptures.

Philosophies have been seen to step in,
Organizations and other welfare groups are fighting-
A fight to bring out the voice of women.

Historically life was "normal" and humans lived,
Cultural convictions and "moral" beliefs were strongly adhered,
Civilization changed the norms when firstly introduced.

Governments are trying to expand the space,
To make the grounds equal at every place,
A brilliant move to always embrace.

The tenacity is in our minds maybe obliviously,
All about the ideologies of feminism and masculinity,
Ask Janet Taylor Spence how it distorts unity,
Yet some scholars still withholds the controversy.

On factual basis it's unnatural to outplace one or the other,
The politics are irrelevant and ludicrous to bother,
It's insensitive and ungodly to speak of favour,
As it is evident there's no father without a mother.