Now the world is more of a global village,
You sleep in Africa and wake up in Cambridge.
Every single day knocks a new page.

The clock is chiming faster than before,
You sleep in 1995 and wake up it's 2004.

Everything is constantly evolving,
Yesterday there was just one king,
Today democracy is ruling.

Ideas are rapidly expanding,
Machines are now replacing.
Efficiency is adequately gained,
Human hands are consequently devalued.

Industrialization politics is rapidly expanding,
Global warming and climate are rapidly changing.

The art of war has evidently changed,
There are consequently less physical wars,
But deaths are steadily increasing,
You wake up healthy one morning,
The next; on your door is cancer and covid-19.

Everything's rearranged, nothing is the same,
And if the sun was close enough, change would be it's name.