With my little hands I'd wipe off my tears,
A minute after a fight with my peers.
We'd then laugh at the birds as nothing happened,
With our limited conscious couldn't be saddened.
Years later I'd revisit this day when distressed.

Taken from me I'd demand for my toy,
On top of my tiny lungs I'd passionately cry,
And she'd still keep it out of my short arms reach.
Minutes later she'd smile and I smile back,
As I take a bite from my snack.

I'd cry and get terribly sick to dodge school,
But I'd get back and show my mom how great I drew an oval.
Later I'd learn she knew what's good for me,
But my eyes were too little to see,
I'd always revisit that day with my first degree.

I'd take a penny and buy a fudge,
When asked I'd innocently deny,
Forgetfully putting the candy in the fridge,
I'd then tell everyone on getting it I had to pay.
Years later I'd remember this day,
When I couldn't cheat even if I wanted,
I'd revisit this day everyday when I'm married.