Allow me to take a look at you,
My eyes can't see anywhere else.
Let me have a hold at you,
My hands have no resting place.
I can't listen to anything they say,
I think I lost my hearing.
For your sake I'd go astray,
The only way I'll take is that you're leading.

Give me that breathtaking smile,
My shaken heart need healing.
With you I'm absolutely docile,
And only your words I'm following.
How can I make you stay here,
I think I became timid in being alone.
Everything is not clear,
I get mildly low and restless when you're gone.

Show me how to stay in your space,
Make me part of your perfect world.
You're my happy place,
Where I get warmth and comfort with no cold.
In your eyes I can see my future,
And in your heart I can feel your zeal.

Now I have a perfect picture,
Of your "yes" when I kneel.
Do you believe in destiny?
Because I know you're mine.
And if being with you is a felony,
I won't mind what comes with the fine.