Please show me what you really are,
'Cause you're not anything close to a human.
Just don't tell me you're from far,
Unless by far you mean angels in heaven.

Please apprise me, I want to know who you are,
Is your name miracle or blessing?
Please don't say Nah,
Since you came everything's vibrantly changing.

Please reveal to me what's really under your skin,
Under your glowing,soft and spotless tegument.
It's not you but my conscience I question,
Another heartbreak will surely terminate my heart.

Please enlighten me, I need to see...
In that beautiful and promising voice you speak,
Do you really mean your words to me?
Or is all this just another trick?

Please advise me I need awareness...
Why are you so flawlessly perfect?
Forgive me if I don't make sense,
It's my trust I want to protect.

Please don't let me sink in this ocean,
I wasted all my life boats.
In these heartless storms hold me with genuine injunction,
And with confidence I'd pass this cruel test of doubts.