It was a long wearisome walk
Alone without someone to talk
The legs entirely exhausted
The throat extremely thirsted
Eyes could barely see
The itchy body wants to be free
Traveling for days and nights
Across mountains, rivers and valleys
Running out of supplies
Mind out of thoughts
There's no going back
Not after the irksome hike
Moving ahead was uneasy
Atmosphere was getting fussy
It's only halfway
But seems there's no way
Oh! There's
But no means
No time to sit
No food to eat
No water to drink
The mind can't think
Can't take another step
And there's no sign of help
It's almost getting dark
Here comes the silent dusk
There's no more waiting
There's no more asking
Which is the right way
Takes a leap of faith and pray
After the decisive step
The falling night would stop
It was sunny again
And peace was found therein.