Tell me what is there
let me tell you what i feel
cloudy and Sunny pain's
full with unbeaten truth
carried away force and Lie's
playing game with heart
and soul
cutting the source of smile and laughter
diive into the cycle of grid
full of question to be slaughter
why harden your ear's to my songs
and dance to others song's
my Page are fully fill
it has no more to contain
my mouth is dry , tried of saying
expected thing from you
my eye's are sick
sick of seeing careless and unwilling love
my heart is tried
tried of the unfulfilled promise you made
look at the beginning and judge the now
look at them , we joined to see the break between us
have looked hard to see your heart
but seem so dark
That I couldn't see, the loving spot
have ask self , so many questions
but answer not given
have looked at your past did,
but see how selfish you treated me
have played many drums
you still refuse to dance to my melody
all Royal Worth , you ask for
I gave to you
sweet name and words
I gave to you
but nor is given back
we should be two in this
but can see only self giving
you made me think,, we have nothing, but friendship
Instead of courtship.
when I needed you the most
you well never there ,
you come late and still turn away
all this I can't say to face
but cry loud in my heart
Can I be living at the backside of your heart
this are the unspoken word I can,'t tell you.