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Afe Tosin Shola, start writing at the age of 17years old , he attended Ikeja Senior High School, but untainted his first leaving Certificate at Utopia college, He is studying History and lnternational studies in Kogi State University, as an undergraduate....
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Afe Tosin Shola Poems

  • Independent But Slaved
    Darkness upon the Sun
    Our Nations Green is Dark
    Peace refuse to come
    Cus our Leader's mouth are wide ...
  • The Fisherman And The Golden Island
    On the flow of the deepest ocean
    he set his boat upon the moving water
    moving and hoping to catch a fish
    he cast his net many times ...
  • Warrior Of The Knight
    In the time of mountains
    when cave's are made home
    a kingdom was called after a warrior
    whose victories is known to be countless ...
  • Even Death Obstacle Wouldn't Stop Us
    even the death won't do us apart,
    the grave will not become a limitation to our Vow,
    though, when the moveless world call's upon us,
    and the flow of our breath, begun to stop, ...
  • Passerby
    I sit at the corner side of the street,
    looking for a giver to give me what to eat,
    with hope and expectations I stretch my tin,
    waiting to hear someone feet, ...
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Afe Tosin Shola Quotes

  • Relationship without making love is like bread without butter.
  • Life is like a bus, while determination is the driver, focus is the conductor, success is your destination, failures are accident encounter By:- Afe Tosin Shola
  • beauty can't be told, by the look on a face or by the smooth skin and beautiful smile displayed, beauty is an inner features that speak, but not show. By:- Afe Tosin Shola
  • Life is like a towel ,the part you use to wipe your Ass today, may be the part you will use to wipe your face tomorrow. By:- Afe Tosin Shola
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Tosin Afe: hi, I'm a writer from Ondo state. I'm so glad to see my name sake. which state are you from?

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