On the flow of the deepest ocean
he set his boat upon the moving water
moving and hoping to catch a fish
he cast his net many times
but see nothing in it
his eyes is becoming weak
and the sun rising
Let go, let go, she shouted
trap in the depth of his net
her tail full of many color's
with happiness he pull his net

let go, let go, she pleaded again
for freedom, I will grant you wishes
show you islands full of treasures
seven rising sun and seven falling moon
they journeyed to the depth of the sea
his heart glancing at her unworldly beauty
her hair dancing to the wave of the sea
for my first wishes in three
I want to wrap my mouth around yours
my tongue holding the tip of your lip
and my second wishes in three

make melodic love in the moonlight
feel your touch on my soul
reaching the depth of the sea
his heart became happy and astonished
the land full of treasures strike his heart
for my last wishes in three
that I leave longer than the mountains
my name should be felt as the wind
the birds should sing of my wealth
king of great power should serve me
jumping out of the net

she skims beneath the surface of the ocean
her colorful tail dancing on top of the water
wonderful fish my time have come
take me home, let my story begin
my riches is waiting to be spent
foolish man, I hold you nothing
for all your wishes I have granted
she dance her tail into the ocean
living the Fisherman on an unknown golden island.