The Captain And The Rave Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The Captain says chargeA
But we aren't looking to the fightB
The battle might be hardC
We'd rather burn the lightB
Rather now than what could beD
The sun shines uncover the blissE
Light up the field and we can seeD
Underneath the shade a hissE
Cunning time chases and catches upF
We ran a race to loseG
We light up the world matches upF
Live under a bleak excuseH
Persistence yet we to gainI
Gladly scoop the meat and drinkJ
We escape the waiting painI
Only then to sinkJ
A blink and we have allK
To spend and not a penny saveL
A crushing wave an endless wallK
And yet we look to the raveL
Youth emerging like the mossM
A graceful blossom of greenN
But in our rest lie the lossM
One that could have beenO

Adams Dauda
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 02/03/2021


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Mingle: Very artistic
Nino Brown: Great work sir. Keep it up

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