It's another day of bliss
Another day for living
The sun has met the earth once again
And energised the masses
Eight billion people
Eight billion worlds
Each world set ablaze at a time
Each and everyone set out
To seek lives that are only children of imagination
Fabrications of hope and anxiety
The bustling and hustling
The smiles and cries
The just and the shrewd
The day break like a force
To the first piece of a stack of dominoes
And the streets like the rest of the stack, follows
And the result: energy on the streets
A million worlds are in vibrant motion
Every world, each at their own harmony and frequency

But amidst the worlds
There is one
Not different from the others
In fact this world couldn't afford any difference
Like all the other worlds,
There is a peaceful green
There is an alternating greyness
And there is a sombre darkness
And here on this world
The owner is the poorest and lowest
And also King and Queen and Captain
There is good on a bad day
And bad on a good day
And shades of bad and good everyday
There is organised chaos
And beautiful entropy
A perfect imperfection

The god of this world is now the center of the universe
Amidst all the other gods
At least that's what he thinks
As the sun casts a shadow on a neighbouring wall
A silhouette void of description
But only known in form
The form of the god in question
The shadow has brought the god out of the turmoil of his world
Into another chaos
One where they have to wonder
Not of the chaos of the world before
But question the end of it
For the rays of the sun travels and so does the shadow
And in its travails leaves the shadow for dead
Sinking into non existence
But this new disorderliness has bourne an answer
This moment of transfer between worlds
To a nagging question:
Are we the shadows of our shadows?
Because we like the shadows grow tall when the sun falls to our liking
And short when it rises above our egos
And the chaos of both worlds collide into one
And the god carries on
Because the day moves on and his shadow grows short