You're a mountain of sweetness
A valley of comfort
The face of the daytime sky
Compass through this journey called life
You laugh and the world laughs with you.
I drive you mad and yet you stick around.
Like glue that sticks joy to your heart
Your rage is that of the seven seas
And your love is that of the calm after.
Your warmth is one that cannot be taught.
It is known only to you.
You don't believe you are beautiful
Even if i tell you you are.
This even makes you more than beautiful
This makes you meek like the good Lord.
You're a river of flowing joy and wisdom
A fortified storm of strength and fearlessness
And on this day marking your ushering into a new age,
Also be the beginning of the fulfillment of all your heart desires
And bring to you all the beautiful things in life.
Just as you are, beautiful.
I love you.
Happy Birthday.