There is a peaceful calm
A longing tranquil
The seagulls' endearing cries
The waves fold and unfold
Like leaves that leave the hazy summer
Enter the enchanting autumn
Escape the freezing winter
And blossom in the lush spring
Here there is no dispute
There is no ego
Only oceans
Tides that swiftly and gracefully rise
And mightily, almost angrily fall
A faint light bounces off its face
Into that of the incomer
A stare down
The ocean's blue eyes
And that of the troubled
But they have found coherence
Here in this fusion
Of man and nature
There is oblivion
There is nothingness
The mind is unwound
And a veil is cast
Cover all the troubles of the day
And in the moment every yoke is gone
There is a tempting weightlessness
Time has no place
The stillness is bemusing; even alluring
Almost betraying the senses
Like Nirvana
Except it is transient
For the mind stirs and rages
It is an ocean inside
One we will infinitely row.
Where we can neither drown nor swim.