Everyday we are hungry
Anytime we go into misery
Our hardships seldom diminish
Our hearts shake in anguish
Ancient colonialism revived
House guard lives captive
Police arrest innocents
Terrorists kill innocents
Government blame innocents
Underage prisoners increase
Human-right abuses increase

They rule us ever since
Hefty lies they inject us ever since
Stumbling-blocks are they
No development even for a day
Monsters they are to our minds
Commoners we're to their minds
They hold grains as we are chickens
Them laughing with heavy shakings

Everything they need they have it
Whatever they wish for they get it
Bad hearts to them are correct
Good hearts to them are incorrect
Yelling and beckoning people to stadiums
Shouting and swearing on podiums
As they come before us smiling
Promising to us and also crying
Blackmailing bad brains
Stucking enmity between friends
Vowing drains of pure milk and honey
Their testimony is to give out money
Promising eternal infrastructure
Shunning words of departure

Little afterwards, to see them never
Coop they throw us forever
Hardship igniting instead of mitigating
The illusory tears no more on their faces
Amelioration of their children very neat
The faithful among them construct culverts
They construct culverts as bridges
Three taps as sustainable water
Random visits as for their issues
'Imaginative promise' is what they know.