Don't weep, nor cry,
Don't shed tears,
Make it brighter as I am alive
Share foods, drinks, but don't conduct party,
Stay calm and be praying for me.
Remember me as you can remember your last delicious meal.
Make the whole world tranquil,
Inform them that a waif had gone,
He was a peace loving waif
Always discuss my good deeds
My bad deeds should be shunned
Emaciated and even fade them completely.

My songs, my poems, and my stories
Should please be clarified,
Keep the relevant ones
And brag destroyingly the nonentity ones.
As you know me as a commoner
Please don't keep my corpse
At home like a newcomer
To the world
But keep my corpse
In a graveyard where many people had been buried.
Do it quickly if you noticed that I have gone,
Don't delay in shrouding me,
Don't wait till someone who is away from me
Is notified so as to come for my burial.
Do it quickly as it happened pre-currently.
My grave should be dug,
Should be dug by my lovers.

If I die tonight,
Let my girlfriend stood on my corpse
So as to pray for me,
And witness my death,
To let her know I still have her love,
To let her know that her love
Accompanies me to my grave,
The grave I shall be longing.

If I die tonight,
Please pray for me,
Keep the prayers as anytime you pray,
Pray for me like I have gone to somewhere mysterious or miseral.
If I die tonight,
Please I said if I die tonight
Don't conduct any party
For he who conduct a party
For me is my worse enemy.