Hatching marvels, thee talking instrument of maximal gravity
A bit known stranger on it, defines, “Who am I”...
Trimming me ruthlessly,
Alligating me of dire consequences,
Oh Creature! You would live and die the same one day;
Live the life of apathy and die the life of apathy
Somebody ask; Was my heart ever unsealed or teared to him?
Somebody ask; Was my brain ever unleashed or unchained to him?
How can I be so known to him; even we never met?
How can I be so known to him; even we never talked?
But yes! There were times
We exchanging those feelings, those certain words,
Though my tiny brain still can’t picture him so well…
I must admire his brain that pictures me so absolutely
People stay miles away from me,
A devil inside me may terminate you, I may get into drinking your each drop,
So selfishly doomed I am, no empathy, no tenderness
A sea of cruelty rushing in me,
I must be banned from living, I must not move around, I may harm them,
There he declares profoundly;
Oh woman! You worth million dollars of crimes
Oh woman! You must be sentenced
But Listen! Before that …
Let’s meet then …
Let’s meet then...